22 de mayo de 2012

Boku ni Hitsuyou na Mono

HYUUGA Seiryou Associated Names:
Status: Complete
HYUUGA Seiryou
Scans: N/A



One winter night, in a dormitory room, Wakana and Futaba were forced to wrap themselves up in a blanket as they continued studying because the heater had broken down. "Weren’t you the one who had wanted to try having sex?" Futaba just could not say no to the eager Wakana, and moreover, he felt so pleasurable when Wakana touched him... Nevertheless, embarrassment on his part caused him to flee from that room…

Was that a joke? Or was it just a case of curiosity? Futaba felt quite distressed because he did not know what was going through Wakana’s brain.How will this love relationship (which started off as a sexual one) turn out?

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